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My complaint:

Went to drive through tonight and ordered 2 Rodeo Burgers and a value fries, each clearly listed on drive through menu as $1.00. The total was not right and at the window I asked the cashier. She checked the pricing and said the Rodeo Birgers were $1.29 Each. I said the sign says $1.00. She said the prices automatically adjust. (no idea what that meant). I asked for a manager, and her reply was I am the manager and there is nothing I can do. (really, a manager that cant fix sign or honor price). I asker for her supervisors contact information and she said she didn’t have it. She closed window and appeared to go start bagging food. i left, what a joke. Bait and switch, false advertising and bad customer service.

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Suggested solution:

1. If she was a manager, she needs demotion. Unacceptable way to treat a customer. Hire qualified people, make sure any staff member can make it right.. 2. Fix your signage and pricing! it should have been resolved then and there and price honored without question. 3. Apologize in some sincere and real manner, no idea how that could be done now. (I just decided to not eat tonight, so darn angered, destroyed my night over less that $1). I HATE thief's and that's what it makes me feel like, a thief tried to steal from me. Sorry, certain principles anger me. As for a photo, I should have taken one I guess, but not worth driving back,

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