Buc-ees complaint: Discrimination

Complaint from ChildofGod reported on 13 August 2023 about Buc-ees

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My complaint:

I would like to share my experience on 08/12/2023 while traveling through Alabama at Buckees as I find it necessary to do so as it is unfortunate that some people really believe that African Americans do not deserve to be provided customer service. After previous stops at Buckees, I made another stop at Buckees only to find out that my skin color mattered in which one of Buckees employees refused to provide service as I stood in line waiting to purchase their beef jerky. The employee gladly engaged in conversation with his own race, assisted another customer of his own race although the customer was already being assisted by another employee, the employee looked at me as I patiently looked at him when no other customer was ahead of me in line, he then intentionally proceeded to engage with the other customer (of his own race who was already being assisted by another Buckees employee) by moving away from the location I was. The other employee who finished assisting the other only customer that was ahead of me kindly approached me and asked how he may assist me. I ordered when I intended to order. As the helpful employee was preparing my order, a couple (African Americans) waited on my left to receive service to place their order. However I noticed that the same employee who refused to provide me with customer service ignored them as well although was still not assisting anybody. The couple then moved behind me waiting in line to get customer service from the employee who was assisting me. After a brief conversation with the couple, they also ed that that one special employee intentionally refused to provide us service but rather engaged with his own race (caucasien). I kindly asked for a manager. As I spoke to the manager, I realized that he was not interested in what I had to say and also had an issue with the color of my skin. His response was “how long ago did you get here”; “we have cameras and I can look into that”. Not I “will” look into that, no apologies to reassure me that that does not represent their brand…. I was extremely disappointed and in Aw! I grew up having best friends of races other then my own who did not see me as an African American but rather a human being. This experience was very much so real. If one was to ask whether I would give my business to Buckees again, my answer would be absolutely not.

Suggested solution:

Present an apology, train/retrain their employees and provide a statement that Bucee’s does not tolerate discrimination against people with disabilities, against Veterans, or discriminate based on color, race, or relegion.

Buc-ees complaint Discrimination
Buc-ees complaint Discrimination
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