Boston Market complaint: Verbally abused and racially discriminated

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My complaint:

Today is 5-18-2022 I entered my job doing my work minding my own business and the boss DAR enters the store and proceeded to start yelling at me over a survey that I told the boss I started it but didn’t get to finish it due to taken care of things in my household and then he tells me that I need to shut up when he is talking also tells me that he doesn’t care what goes on in my house so I told Dar that I will not shut up or be disrespected also on multiple occasions I was verbally disrespected and threatened with my job for not prepping spoiled product that the boss was aware of and he stated he does not care he runs the show he runs the store and I supposed to do what he says so I took it upon myself and went to one of the other managers and informed the managers that the boss DAR tried forcing me to prep spoiled food products the managers told me do not prep it leave it on the side and they will handle it and mark it as damage today May 18th 2022 I was in the middle of my shift and everything was perfectly fine all morning until the boss comes in and he proceeded to start a altercation with me over some survey and in the middle of our debate he racially disrespected me and told me to take my fat Spanish lazy ass out of his store. The boss that runs the store does not care about anyone but himself doesn’t know how to train anyone doesn’t know how to speak to anybody where extremely overworked and underpaid treats his employees as if we were peasants there is multiple issues in the store constantly with all the equipment the stores is constantly dirty every day that I’m scheduled to work the store is extremely dirty there’s equipment there that hasn’t been working since the first day I started I was also embarrassed and disrespected in front of the employees and customers I am taking every extreme action against the boss at the local Boston market here in valley stream New York Long Island 11580 and I will be contacting local news that man does not deserve to have a job doesn’t do anything at all walks back and forth through the store talking to people rude and mostly outside majority of the time in the back of the store in the parking lot.store280

Suggested solution:

I want compensation

Verbally abused and racially discriminated
Verbally abused and racially discriminated
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