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on 15 May 2023 about in category Hotels / Motels

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We purchased air tickets on March 16,2023. We supposed to fly on April 16,2023. (Reference Number 40-347884819, pin 1254) Our state was under state of emergency for flooding and they closed the airport for several days. We called and they told us they were providing us open tickets for 1 year to rebook anytime if we call them to we were accepting them by 11:59pm that day they sent us the email with the instructions. We called within few hours after receiving the email and spoke with a female agent who ed were all set and didn’t need to do anything else, just to call them when we were ready to rebook. We called few days ago trying to rebook our tickets to find out that each agent said different things to us even saying that we didn’t response to their email and didn’t called to the open tickets during the requested deadline by 11:59pm and we had no open tickets. WHAT A LIE AND WHAT A GAME THEY PLAY. Since then we are going back and forth with no interest from them to help us resolve the issue, not returning our calls or they call and ask for the same details over and over saying they will investigate and call and NOTHING. Please help us recover our money ($284,32) with this company or them to let us rebook the flights with minimum fees as soon as possible as our trip is approaching and we need to make arrangements. Sincerely, Andrea Rosales
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