Bojangles complaint: What service no service back on up hit me

on 21 November 2022 about Bojangles in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Been have problems with drive through in the morning only for about 2 years now. It always the same one I have problems out of. First I have to repeat my order at the intercom attest 3 times. They won’t repeat my order back to insure accuracy. This is all you will here back
(( pullroundforyatotal))
So I pay the lady at first window and ask to make sure they put mustard in bag for my stake biscuit.
Next window lady nor even looking at you just put cup drink out window and as I go to grab she just let’s go . Drink drops and she says pull up we bring your food out. I say what about my drinking? She said you should have been paying attention.. but I guess I’ll have to fix you another one ok make sure that mustard is in bag and ketchup for my fries.
Pull up an lady nearly tossed my food at me . I look in bag and no surprise, no condiments. So I speak out the window mam I need some ketchup and mustard. She replied we out of ketchup. I say we’ll how about some mustard .she replied you should have said something about it at to window.
So I put my car in reverse so I can get out of drive-thru. And I hear back on up and hit me i wish you would coming from the lady that tossed my food at me.
Now that what I call no service. These kind of things happen ever time I come through in the morning.

Suggested solution:

Fire them all and get a new manager and staff how care how they treat others

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