Bojangles complaint: COVID case on south blvd

on 07 January 2023 about Bojangles in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I visited the Bojangles on south Blvd 1623 afternoon as I was waiting for the man to take my order I heard a conversation with 2 employees speaking to the manager name penny (I’m not sure if that’s really her name or not). But they was telling her that they tested positive for COVID because she threatened another employee who tested positive for COVID to still come to work. They also showed her the paperwork saying they was positive for COVID. But the manager did not care at all you would have thought she would have taken the employees into her office to have the conversation with them due to the amount of customers that was in the store but she didn’t. She stood there and told both employees that she didn’t care about them being positive for COVID and if they do not come in for they shift that she was going to terminate them. I immediately got offended due to the fact that she threatening to terminate the employees for a sickness that can not be controlled of who catches it. But also she putting the customer’s who eating or was about to eat there in danger. I have battled with COVID to where I almost lost my life. But also seen where this virus taken both my parents in a blink of a eye. and to see that this manager (penny) show no decency to this serious virus and the pain and hurt this virus cause to people physical and emotional is the reason I filed this complaint. She is putting everyone at risk. I really feel like she should be terminated as soon as possible. I will take extremely steps to see her gone the world is going through a lot since COVID hit and for her to play apart of someone else getting this virus that they body might not be able to beat is outrageous, careless and self-centered to me. please make this right and let her she is putting to many lives in danger by her still being there.

Suggested solution:

Due to the danger she is putting people lives in. In order to make this right please let her go ASAP

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