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My complaint:

I ordered from the drive through at Bojangles in Beulaville NC. The store number is: 001062. The manager on duty at the time of the incident was Anthony Roman. I ordered $65.94 worth of food at the drive through. While at the drive through the waitress dropped two of our sweet teas. We asked about the free $10.00 gas card, and she said we had to order the Tailgate special which was like $30 some dollars. I said I just spent double that amount and I can’t get a free $10.00 gas card and she said no. I ask to speak to the manager, and that is when Anthony Roman came and told me that he could not do that he was there to enforce the rules that he did not make them up. Once I arrived home, I gave the kids their meals and I was short two meals. I called them and I had to drive back to Beulaville, Bojangles to get the two meals in which we were shorted. This was 10 miles one way that I had to go back to get my order. I called the Bojangles and talked with Mr. Roman and told him the situation and to let him know I was on the way back out there and he said he apologize, and he would have them ready by the time we got back out there. He did have the two meals ready when we got there. I asked him again about the gas cards. This time because we had to drive back out there to pick up our order in which they did not complete our order correctly and I reminded him that we had just spent $65.94 and had to make an extra trip out there to get our order that they left out of the bag, He still said no he couldn’t do that.
I pulled to the parking lot to check my bag before leaving and there was no straws, napkins or spoons in the bag so that we could eat the mash potatoes that we ordered. I drove back around again and called him to please bring those items back out to us. I spend a tremendous amount of money each week out there. Whether it’s taking food home to my family or feeding my employees. The service was nothing short of unprofessional and lack of disrespect. In my line of business, the customer is always right. I could not see why I could spend $65.94 and not get at least one gas card but two. When you buy $30 something and get a free $10.00 gas card. Management should have been able to make a decision based on the value of the matter and obliged us especially in this situation, where we had our order, all messed up and having to drive back to pick up food once we had gotten home because we were short two meals.

Suggested solution:

I had already stated in the statement above as to how it should have been handled, I would like to know how Bojangles value its customers? What would they consider to be a fair way to handle this situation and make it fair? Should I file a lawsuit? Please advise as to how you would have handled the situation if it had happened to you. Mind you this is not the first time that our order has been screwed up, this has happened on several occasions, and I guess this was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak.
I would also like to take the time to address the bathroom issue. They have one of the nastiest bathrooms that I have ever seen.
Also, the dining room is hardly ever open so I cannot understand how the bathrooms can be in such a mess.

They also never have any sauce available. Such as Honey Mustard and hot sauce, strawberry jam, and napkins, they use the napkins that comes out of the ones you use in the bathrooms.

Could someone please visit this establishment and see if there could be some training done.
1. Explain and help them understand customer expectations.
2. Treat your customers right.
3. Train your teams.
4. Reduce wait times.
5. How to listen to your customers, this will help in giving correct orders.
6. Ensure employee satisfaction.
7. Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

These are just a few items off the top of my head that I see would help the Location in Beulaville NC become a more successful business.

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