Complaint: Undue restriction to trade and withdraw from my Account

on 09 February 2022 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

On Jan 17, 2022, I attempted twice to deposit to my Binance.US account in the amount of $100 and $200 but it was reflected as failed deposit. However, both amounts were deducted from my Bank Account on Jan 18, 2022. I submitted a request in the support.binance.US on January 23 to complain about it and they gave me support ticket 2144028. Until January 29 I did not received any feedback on this request, that is why I filed a dispute on my Bank for the amount of $100 and $200. On Feb 2, my Bank resolved the dispute I filed by debiting the $100 and $200 back to my account balance. On February 3, I received emails from Binance.US saying I have a returned deposit that was used in a crypto transaction, leaving my account with an unpaid balance of $100 and $200. They went on to say to deposit within 7 days to bring my Binance.US account into good standing, until then they have restricted my account from trading and withdrawals. The email I received on Feb 3 is an outgoing email only, so I cannot I send back any emails to explain. I tried following-up my outstanding support ticket 2144028 but the only one reply they send to me on Feb 8 is not helping to remove the RESTRICTION in my TRADINGWITHDRAWAL. Instead it goes like this:

We apologize blah blah. To troubleshoot further, please reply with the following:

1. A full PDF-file of your most recent bank statement blah blah. Your bank statements should reflect the deposit(s) made to your Binance.US account.

2. A selfie video of you briefly showing blah blah, and you speaking the following:

Today is the ____, my name is ____, I am contacting Binance.US TO CONFIRM THAT I REVIEWED AND AUTHORIZED ALL RECENT ACTIVITY ON MY ACCOUNT. I ALSO REQUEST TO RESUME DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL FUNCTIONS for my Binance.US account registered to the email address _____.

3. If you have made any deposits in the past by Debit Card, please provide the last 4 digits of the card number.

My account is restricted from TRADING and WITHDRAWAL and not from DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL. And I cannot that I authorized all recent activity since the $100 and $200 deposits on Feb 17 was not yet added to my Binance.US so I had to dispute those with my Bank.

Further, the amount in question ($300) is only part of my Binance.US deposits, but they are restricting my entire balance. I sincerely believe that I am restricted wrongly and this should be resolved as soon as possible since I am loosing opportunity to gain income in my crypto coins trading using my hard earned money.

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Suggested solution:

Lift the trading and withdrawal restrictions while they are conducting their review on the issue.

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