Complaint: I can not access my account no matter what I was trying

on 08 February 2022 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

Hello. I am so upset on Binance!!!! This is the most frustrating thing ever. I hope you can help me because I can not manage to write to binance! There is no email, no phone, and no address to contact them!!!

Last Year a friend showed me the binance app and I made an account with my Phone Number as username. After buying shiba for 15 Euros I got a ation message where binance congratulates me for buying crypro for the value of 14,73 (if I remember well- as they were taking some cents for transaction costs or something like that). Ok. So at this point I was happy and optimistic that I am going to make some money on this app and maybe shiba will grow and I can soon redraw more money then I’ve invested. Some months passed and at some point I remembered about the app so I wanted to check it out. Because my phone got a fabric reset in between, I realized that I have to download the app again and here is where all my problems began. Not Only that I could not install the app nor the google Authenticator, but I could not connect even from the desktop version, meaning from my computer. So very upset at this point and after trying all possible options that I could find, I gave up.

Some days ago my phone got in an accident and all the display was destroyed meaning that I do not have access to my messages, especially not on that particular message saying that I successfully transfered 14,73 Euros( btw. This is the only proof that I had so far, and now I don’t even have this anymore).
So I was placing my sim card in another phone and this time I could download the app and the google authenticator, but guess what:I can not access my account because of the verification steps (5 steps with 5 answers). I went through this process at least 10 times and it is not working. What kind of a scam is this?? I was even trying to change the initial phone number and I could not complete this action hence I had no ation that it was done BUT as a surprise now the initial Number(old “username- Telephone” nr.) is not recognized anymore (neither the old nr nor the new Number) so I start to believe that this is the most hilarious scam and application that I ever experienced in my life. Such a shame that these kinds of applications are allowed to exist on time costs, money costs and nerve costs from normal people like me.

Suggested solution:

Let me inside my account. Let me see if my money multiplied and if yes or no, I will immediately take my money out of there, send it back to my bank account and you will never ever hear from me again. And before that I do that I demand some kind of apology for wasting so much of my time and nerves into this disgusting binance Labirint of yours!
Thank you!

Best Regards,
A. R.

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