Complaint: They won’t release my funds so I can withdraw or transfer

on 18 September 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

So I’d been using Binance for a few weeks and was going well I’d made a few withdrawals and transfers to other wallets and I’d purchased 1000AUD of usdt from a p2p seller and during buying the usdt the seller had taken longer than usual to release my usdt even though I’d sent him proof of transaction and screenshots of payment so I made an Apeal to Binance to basically get the seller to release my usdt but for some stupid reason the seller responded to Binance saying I was trying to do a fraudulent deal and that he said I’d tried to get a chargeback to my bank account which wasn’t true I’d never tried anything like that , so the next time I went vto withdraw funds I’d been suspended by Binance and can’t access my money and I contacted the p2p seller and he realised he made a mistake and it was another buyer of his that was trying to be fraudulent , so he contacted Binance customer support to let them know it was a mistake and it was someone else who tried to do the chargeback and Binance understood and said I can withdraw my funds again and every time iv tried iv been denied and they have suspended my account and had even told me after I explained to them that my account is permanently suspended and I can never get my money wtf and I have been going through this drama for almost 1 week every day now , so In other words they can lie and say I’m fraudulent without checking the facts properly and take my money , I’m now at a point that I’m going to contact the business complaint ombudsman and I believe iv lost money because I haven’t been able to trade for the past week , i honestly wouldn’t recommend Binance to anyone it’s a scam site that I believe the media should be aware , I was stupid and transferred all my savings to Binance so I’m really worried it’s $4000 AUD and without that money I can’t even pay my house rent

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They should let me access and withdraw my money iv given them all of the I’d verification and even a video of myself proving my identity and asking them to unlock my account

They won’t release my funds so I can withdraw or transfer
They won’t release my funds so I can withdraw or transfer
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