Complaint: Scammed money ended up in another binance wallet.

on 16 January 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I’ve been a victim of the OTCpay scam, I’ve been tracing all the transaction and wallets addresses and have found the deposit address on the OTCpay platform are actually binance wallets or at least two of the three deposit addresses on OTCpay were binance wallets. have been made aware of the whole process but reporting this matter, binance is making extremely difficult, there asking Law enforcement to complete a online form before there look into anything but promise if police fill form out there work with them and freeze accounts but there also asking for a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to be signed too, this I think is extremely strange. I’ve sent them evidence to back up the wallets but still won’t take notice unless police fill form out, I’m told by action fraud and police that unless I get a contact number for binance they will not complete form and bianace won’t take me seriously even though I’ve given them police, Action fraud and FCA crime Reference numbers. I’ve asked binance customer service to why there asking for a Non disclose agreement and how do I go about this but still no reply. Binance have even put a drop down link on there support hub, scammed or stolen funds been traced to a binance wallet, this appeared on the 14th January, 7 days after I submitted request report re my scammed money. I heard back from binance yesterday saying without contact from police they aren’t prepared to look into this matter further.

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Binance should call action fraud with ref no. I’ve sent them on a number of occasions and work with police to stop scammers using their platform. These address are link to a contact address wallet and the money goes straight into binance wallet and straight out again, with the amount of funds going through these wallets like this, should surely raise suspicions to the company??
I’ve attached a photo of one of the OTCpay deposit addresses, which if binance checked the wallet address against there records, they could see and that the OTCpay deposit wallet is actually a Binance wallet address. SURLEY A COMPANY OF BINANCE SIZE WOULD WANT TO PREVENT THIS HAPPENING ON THEIR EXCHANGE AND WOULD DO ALL THEY COULD TO HELP THEIR CUSTOMERS. This doesn’t seem the case.

Scammed money ended up in another binance wallet.
Scammed money ended up in another binance wallet.
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Jake (@guest_4009)
1 month ago

OTCPay is a scam.I found out the hard way that the company is operated by fraudsters.