Complaint: Facial Recognition DOES NOT WORK

on 13 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

The facial recognition on BInance’s ‘Basic Info’ section on a user profile does not work and has never worked since I’ve created a Binance account.

I have deposited crypto into my Binance account, but if I cannot verify my face or identity, then I cannot deposit fiat money into my Binance account and I cannot access the P2P feature either.

I cannot even add my address nor my bank account information either. This is seriously, and by far, the stupidest feature I have ever experienced on any interface ever – by far the worst.

I have tried both my phone using the Binance app and my laptop’s camera. Both to no avail. So what do I do moving forward.

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Suggested solution:

Allow me to add my bank account information and allow me to add my address. I need to account verifiable so I can access the features on the website.

I don't understand why this inconvenient and dumb process is as tedious as it is. Nod your head, blink your eyes, open your mouth, this is by far the stupidest process for a facial recognition I have ever experienced. There are literally several facial recognition interfaces and apps that don't require such a tedious, dumb, and awfully inconvenient process.
- I.E. Apples entire facial recognition from their iOS.

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