Complaint: Absolute indifference about $23k missing funds

on 21 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I switched to since it seemed to have a more responsive customer support. But, a large sum of my funds was misplaced two weeks ago and I still don’t know how to get it back.

About two weeks ago while reviewing my portfolio I responded to a pop-up ad frThey need ti om Binance. The message had something to do with Wallets and funds safekeeping. I responded to the next few screens by clicking the OK button without really reading their entire contents. But when I returned to my portfolio all my funds except for $97 were gone.

I decided to retrace my steps back through the same screens and undo whatever that might have happened unintentionally. I could not remember all the steps I took so a full day of frantically looking through all the possibilities proved to be unfruitful until I came across a screen that except for a value of $3000 contained all my funds. I took a screenshot of the screen but did not make any attempt to retrieve them fearing that I might screw up things even further. Instead, I wanted to ask customer support to help me do that.

It took CS a day to respond and then they did not know how to help me until one said that he wants to escalate the case and abruptly left. That was the last thing I heard of CS over ten days and 10s of messages ago. I have been totally ignored without any reason known to me.

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Suggested solution:

They need to respond to me and help me locate my funds. I have screenshots of them.

Absolute indifference about $23k missing funds
Absolute indifference about $23k missing funds
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