Complaint: Barona staff

on 20 September 2019 about Barona Casino in category Gambling

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My complaint:

Back in March of this year I was enjoying the wonderful casino that is Barona. But that soon changed.
For some reason after 2 days of no one saying anything about my backpack being allowed on casino floor. Suddenly it now needed to be kept behind player services area. So ok no problem cause it was heavy. After submitting to a search (again no problem from me) it was put in a locked room. When I retrieved my bag I noticed the contents had been gone through again wo me present. And the inside of it was wet. My makeup had to be thrown out.
Even with that I didn’t want to make a big deal so I just asked that they be more careful
I left and came back a few hours later to play some more. And checked my bag. This time I had put my phone with it’s case in my bag. Along with. My debit card for safe keeping.(or worry about the items).
When I was given my bag back this time my phone was missing. But the case and my sim chip was still in the bag. Yes I I am saying some one employed by barona took it. Along with my debit card. I asked them to review the cameras to show that I did put the items in. But was denied.
Then when I used Google find my device it said it was still in that room. Anyway… They were just acting as if nothing happened. I tried to file a claim. They wouldn’t give me an incident report receipt.
Then to top it off when I used my Google and messenger a little later I suddenly had all these employees from barona in my contacts. How would that happen? I do not know one person from there. The reason they were there was cause who ever had my phone knows the people that work at barona well enough to have them in their contacts and when t

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I have proof and I want to be compensated for my loss and headache I\'ve been put thru

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