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on 28 September 2022 about Auckland Transport in category Government Services

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My complaint:

Having just missed a bus I proceeded to wait almost 15 minutes before the next bus appeared. I stood by the kerb and put my handout. It was clear the bus was not going to stop as it stayed in the middle lane. I waived my arm frantically, trying to get the drivers attention, but he just cruised past. There were three of us waiting. It was bus 195 @ 10:35 (approx). I straight away rang the AT line ((09) 366-6400) and, after about a 10 minute wait, spoke to one of your operatives. Whilst talking to him, another bus came (110), which I got on. Our conversation finished as I was getting off the bus at the Grey Lynn shops.

I am putting in this written complaint to ensure there is follow up and action against the driver of 195. This is the essence of my complaint and I want written ation of receipt and action taken. It is inexcusable that I should have to wait almost 30 minutes to catch a bus from this location. Due to a heart condition and my age (70) I am no longer allowed to drive, which is more the pity as, if I could, I would never catch a bus due to the pathetic service.

I will add that this is NOT the first time this has happened.

On a related issue, Gt North Rd has at least 5 services that travel between Newton Road Grey Lynn shops (18, 110, 195, 132 133) – 4 of them are 2x per hour and 18 is (in theory) advertised as every 12 minutes. This indicates there should be at least one bus every 4-5 minutes. In practice, you wait about 15 minutes then 3 come at once. Because of the way they are bunched up, if you want the one at the back, you are out of luck because they simply pull out to avoid the first two that are stopping at the bus stop. This is piss poor planning and driver training. Whoever is responsible for this should be fired, without question.

Suggested solution:

The driver should disciplined and retrained to do their job properly - that is, when approaching a stop, LOOK FOR PASSENGERS AS THAT IS THEIR ONLY RESPONSIBILITY.

As for your star rating below, one star is being far too generous.

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