Aspen Dental complaint: Getting dentures through aspen is the worse decision I’ve ever made.

on 18 March 2023 about Aspen Dental in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

They pulled all my teeth and made me a set of dentures. They don’t look right, fit right, after multiple so called attempts to improve them . And 10,000 dollars They just want to do more work for implanted posts for near another ten grand! No other option They say

Suggested solution:

I\'d like a set that fits my mouth and doesn\'t look like they are obviously someone else\'s. What they gave me are the cheapest looking things ever, obviously a generic configuration produced as cheaply as possible with only.max profits in mind. I want these completely reworked or start over and listen to what I tell them and not just nod and go away to come back and say try see ya.

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