Complaint: Refusal to refund my ticket due Corona

on 06 March 2020 about ASAP Tickets in category Travel

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My complaint:

I was going to a conference to Marrakesh.
Today, 03052020, I wake up to find an email cancelling the conference.
Immediately, I wrote the travel agent which booked my flight.
I also contacted the insurance company.
After telling me I did not have to cancel my flight, they wrote to inform me I would lose $700 worth of penalties and be refunded $126 or maybe nothing.
I do not think this is fair because I insured the trip. Further, I did not choose not to travel.
The conference organizers did, at the request of their ministry of health which prevented large gatherings, due to the Corona virus scare.
I explained this. I sent the email informing me the conference was cancelled.
Nothing did. I have the emails indicating I would only receive what is left after penalties are levied. Practically, nearly nothing.
Please help me: I cannot all my money: It is not my fault I cannot travel.

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This company simply has to refund me the full price of my fare; they do not have the right to keep my money: I did not cause the Corona virus. I did not choose to cancel the conference.
This was not a vacation: I was going to a conference. I can no longer travel if the conference is cancelled due to the Corona virus threat.

Comment by poster of the complaint YvetteN

2 months ago - This company should not be in business, period. Not in the US.

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Allan Njoroge
Allan Njoroge (@guest_1422)
2 months ago

ASAP is a total scam.They also refusing to refund my $4,700 after British Airways refunded them the money at 100%.

El Embalzado
El Embalzado (@guest_1989)
15 days ago
Reply to  Allan Njoroge

where you able to get your moneyy??

Kenneth Schumacher
Kenneth Schumacher (@guest_1504)
2 months ago

Never got my refund on 3 tickets for manila. Cancelled 03-12-20 due to covid

El Embalzado
El Embalzado (@guest_1987)
15 days ago

I am dealing with the same thing, were you able to get your refund tho. I kept on calling them, but I get passed to different agents all the time.

Sunshine (@guest_2044)
4 days ago
Reply to  El Embalzado

Me too, they wont give me my money, back and charging me 400 dollars

Nataliya (@guest_1514)
2 months ago

They look like scam. They promised refund my money, just after I will pay them $200 ahed!

Divan (@guest_1541)
2 months ago

I have been fighting with them for over 4 months to get my refund and I’ve been told so many stories the course and to socks everything about the company sucks they should definite have the license to operate out of the United States of America

Jim (@guest_1587)
1 month ago
Reply to  Divan

I am also in the process of trying to get my money back from ASAP! They are wanting to keep at least $600-$700.00 which is a $300-$350.00 per ticket penality! I also paid $338.00 for the “travel insurance” policy which turned out to be worthless! So, COVID caused all of this and the United Airlines flight never left the ground! This makes ASAP want me to spend $1,000.00 with them and NEVER went to the damn airport when the world closed down! BS if you ask me! We should form a Class Action Lawsuit against them! I am so angry!… Read more »

Aelh (@guest_1667)
1 month ago
Reply to  Jim

what’s the best thing to do now this people they play very well on us, I’m struggling to get my refund since March 2020 until now

Emmanuel (@guest_1931)
29 days ago
Reply to  Jim

I will join you. They play around with people too much. $250. Processing fee no way. Our situation was effected by the corona virus.

Sophie Winter
Sophie Winter (@guest_1944)
25 days ago
Reply to  Jim

Had the same problem with them with flights from US- Germany
I think we should certainly team up!

El Embalzado
El Embalzado (@guest_1988)
15 days ago
Reply to  Jim

Did you guys do a lawsuit? Im planning on filling one if ever they didn’t give my money back. I have been arguing with them for the past couple of weeks and the travel agent who assisted me ghosted me and they keep on telling me that they won’t know how long it takes for me to get my refund back. Like its bullshit, they should know, since they are the ones processing it.

Sunshine (@guest_2045)
4 days ago
Reply to  El Embalzado

Yes can we do a lawsuit? They ghosted me too and keep passing me to another agent

Yvette Essounga
Yvette Essounga (@guest_1589)
1 month ago


Marie (@guest_1780)
1 month ago

Yeap.. They’re not willing to help you.. I. Kept calling my supposed agent..about the refund ticket coz of this pandemic.. Their were people called me back..explained with no sense at all. Last person I talked to. I dont might be working in call center in cebu.. Philippines.. Saying I have to pay $ 250 for processing fee before they can reimburse me.. What a ridiculous explanation.. I kept on explaining to him..but no use.. If I paid the $ 250 I have to wait for 5 month that was the policy of the DELTA AIRLINES.. he said.. He insist… Read more »

El Embalzado
El Embalzado (@guest_1990)
15 days ago
Reply to  Marie

I am dealing with the same thing! I booked a ticket to Davao and they keep on telling me different time frames on when I will be able to get the ticket refund. The travel agency who assisted, ghosted me. I wish their company get shut down.

Pratik Mehta
Pratik Mehta (@guest_1838)
1 month ago

They have also refused to reschedule my grandma’s ticket. We scheduled a round trip ticket for her. She travelled to India, and flights were cancelled due to COVID-19. We called weeks before in March for the April return flight to hold onto our return ticket so that we may reschedule when flight’s are open again. Now that flights are open, we want to reschedule the PAID return ticket and they are charging an outrageously expensive, no show fee, penalty fee, amongst another ridiculous fee, which is equivalent to the cost of double the ticket. They keep forwarding me to one… Read more »

Pratik Mehta
Pratik Mehta (@guest_1839)
1 month ago
Reply to  Pratik Mehta

When we called in March for a reissue they provided us an ITN number for the ticket to use on their website, however this ITN number now has no value, and the website has no location to type in the ITN number. Everything has vanished. THIS IS FRAUD.

Pratik Mehta
Pratik Mehta (@guest_1840)
1 month ago
Reply to  Pratik Mehta

I have decided to never buy a ticket again from ASAP Tickets, I would much rather buy a ticket from a reputable company such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.

Pratik Mehta
Pratik Mehta (@guest_1841)
1 month ago
Reply to  Pratik Mehta

and I am also definitively boycotting Air India

Emmanuel (@guest_1930)
29 days ago
Reply to  Pratik Mehta

I think we should report them cos going the same thing.

Norma Hernandez
Norma Hernandez (@guest_1999)
14 days ago

Im in the same situation too my flight got canceled July 29,2020 from Tirana Albania to Dallas Texas because of the coronavirus. I was supposed to fly back to Dallas after seeing my husband and my flight got canceled. I’ve try numerous times to contact them and the agent that helped me get the ticket from the beginning keeps giving me the run arounds. I had to purchase a new ticket back to Dallas or not I would have been stuck in Albania for God knows how long. The agent promised me that if anything happened (cancellations or other mishaps)… Read more »

Salvador Esplago
Salvador Esplago (@guest_2004)
14 days ago

I bought a ticket from this travelling company for my son one way trip from philippine but because of this pandemic the flight was cancelled. Its very sad because i dont get any refund. Never buy again from this travelling company.

Kari (@guest_2011)
11 days ago

I have been working to get my ASAP refund since March. They are stalling as much as they can. I have decided to just keep pressing the issue until it’s resolved. I urge you to do the same.

Omar (@guest_2040)
5 days ago
Reply to  Kari

Did you get your money back? If so how did you do it?