Complaint: ARCO station would not return my change!

on 19 April 2022 about ARCO Gas Stations in category Gas Stations

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My complaint:

On 4102022, I used my PayPal 2% cash back MasterCard credit card to purchase $30 worth of gas. I pumped only $27.15 of gas because the tank overflowed. I then went back into the station to get my change. The attendent said we don’t give change any more, the system takes care of that. He then pointed to the credit card reader intending to explain the it the system would give me credit for my change. I went home and looked up my credit card account which showed a charge of $30 whithout a credit for my $2.85 in change. I also called my credit card co. and they explained they only receive info about the charrge of $30 and no info about the actual amount of $27.15 of gas pumped. The next day, I went back to the station and talked to the manager. She gave me my change in cash. So is this how I will need to get my change in the future or will I just have to change where I buy gas where they give me my chage without a bunch of hassle?

Suggested solution:

Change the system to logically handle a transaction like mine, The simplist resolution would be to have the station system transmit the dollar amount of the actual gas pumped to the credit card co. insted of the Amount 'rung up' when the credit card was inserted into the reader.

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