Complaint: Charged for an item not listed on menu

on 21 April 2022 about Applebee’s in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

Monday, April 11, 2022 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM
I met my daughter there for lunch on the above date and time . I did not want to eat a large meal so I looked at the appetizers listed on the menu. I did not see anything I wanted. I looked further in the menu and found onion rings ($2.99 I believe). When my ticket came I noticed that my bill was rather large for the amount of food ordered (we had water to drink, so I knew there was no extra charge there). Anyway, I questioned the waitress and she informed me that I had ordered the appetizer size onion rings. I pointed out to her that there was no appetizer size onion ring listed on the menu so I could not have ordered that. I asked to see the manager, did not get his name, and he again told me that I had gotten the appetizer size. Once again I pointed out that there was no appetizer size onion rings on the menu. He then asked if I got 10 or 5 onion rings and of course, I got 10. I was charged $8.99. My problem with this was the fact that under the appetizer listings, onion rings were not listed. How can this manager, who is a representative for Applebee’s, decide to charge a customer for something that is not on the menu. Needless to say, he stood firm and offered nothing other than sorry maam. I understand that times are really hard right now and that prices have increased nationwide everywhere. This situation was, in my opinion, totally wrong and probably unlawful.

Suggested solution:

Make it clear that Applebee's cannot charge a customer for something not listed on the menu unless first being made aware of. The customer can then decide for themselves.

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