Amazon complaint: Unjustified account close ban for any future purchases through Amazon platform (.com, .ca)

on 09 August 2022 about Amazon in category Online Services, Retail Company

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My complaint:

In June 2022 I received a generic email from [email protected] that my amazon account has been closed for violating the terms of their Conditions of Use agreement and that I cannot open a new account or use another account to place orders on amazon site. The generic wording of the email was lacking any specifics (no Customer name, no transaction details) and looked as a spam.
I called Amazon customer service and a person told me that they cannot help me as the account is closed by “amazon specialist” and advised to email to [email protected] to inquiry on the reason of closing my account, so I did. I asked for a specific transaction or any specific details that amazon specialist can reference to their conclusion as it might be a mistake as I barely used my amazon account. Unless my amazon account is hijacked or there is some bugs on amazon side, there is absolutely no reason to close my account. It was even more frustration that I’m not allowed to open another account. I asked to re-review their conclusion and to contact me in person via email or phone number.
In return I received another generic wording email “Hello, As we informed you earlier, we have closed this account. Our records show that we previously closed an account of yours for violating the terms of our Conditions of Use agreement. When we close your account for violating the terms of an agreement, you cannot open a new account or use another account to place orders on our site. After a thorough review, we have decided not to restore your full access to this account. You will not be able to place orders on our site. Any digital content that you purchased with this account is still available to you. To access the content, click the “Manage Your Content and Devices” link on the Your Orders menu on Sincerely, Account Specialist”
My other attempts to contact a Human Customer service via phone were unsuccessful as “Amazon Human customer service” has restricted access to any customer information if an account is closed and they cannot provide any information on who is “Account Specialist”, who makes the decision to close customer accounts without any ground and accusing customers on wrongdoing. Amazon Specialist final reply was: We may not respond to further emails about this issue. We are only able to assist through email. Unfortunately, we don’t offer phone support, so I’m unable to call you as you requested.

I further googled the situation and social media pointed that [email protected] is a bot email account. Amazon is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save on customer service… it’s a dead end to try to solve the issue.

I would like to file a complaint about Amazon practice to deal with human customers, Amazon is accusing and falsifying me, as a customer on wrongdoing. Amazon using its dominant position on e-market restricts my customer right to access e-market. Obviously, Amazon has a glitch in their system and there is no accountability over fixing an issue.

Suggested solution:

Contact me in person, provide a specific details, revisit their conclusion, fix the issue and re-open my account.

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