Complaint: Amazon is impervious to complaints and is unwilling to listen to them.

on 11 April 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

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My complaint:

A call came in while I was driving on i75 near Warner Robbins GA. He claimed someone tried to make a $770 more or less purchase on my Amazon account, but that it had been thwarted. I said I was driving and could not hear him properly. I told him I wanted to hear the rest. He said Oh don’t talk on the phone while you are driving. Then he hung up The heavily accented person (Mumbai??) did not call again. I cannot tell by looking at my inbound calls which number was his – and any perp with a lick of sense would mask his real number.

I tried to look at what Amazon allowed it’s paying customers to see regarding their account activity – genuine and fake. Amazon routinely plays hide the salami when they sign us up for streaming channels. we DID NOT ASK FOR.. They leave no portal through which I can tell them to remedy it – i.e. stop cramming my account with unsolicited streaming channels.. They seem proud of the text they post telling us we can remedy it at paying the bill time. That is not adequate.

So, I tried to sign in. Now my Amazon password does not work. Is that a prophylactic measure to limit further theft or is it a sign of embarrassment? I hope the latter, but my common sense tells me Amazon is just trying to save a few nickels by curtailing staff time. Now I need to hunt through my credit card statements (nothing unusual in latest 2 months) Before this clumsy handling of an attempted theft, my Credit Score was XXX. It had better not be degraded when I refuse to pay unlawful charges to Amazon. . Is it just my imagination that this inept handing is a consequence of losing Jeff Bezos?

TWO things have changed since I wrote that complaint today – now my Amazon password has started working, and suddenly informed STARZ ( a crammed streaming channel) has been discontinued on my access to channels). I should also mention I have NO AMAZON credit card. never did, never will.

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Suggested solution:

put some obvious places on your sales webpage suitable for complaint submission. (e.g. (A) hey I didn't ask for STARZ so take it off , or (B) I get a call from someone purporting to be from Amazon telling me about a fraud against my account - how can I hear the rest of the story?)
Amazon could would correct an infuriating lack of communication access with a few portals for complaints. .

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