AliExpress complaint: Stolen parcel but no refund from Aliexpress

Complaint from Eruska reported on 20 January 2024 about AliExpress

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My complaint:

So basically my parcel has been left by a delivery company in a block of flats with an open main door where so many people have access to the building. I reported to AE but they did not do anything just opened a dispute which was useless! They did not even provide me tracking details nothing. They closed the case after 3 days because I could not show any evidence of the stolen parcel. Evri did not even called me back in 3 days…

Suggested solution:

They did not do anything. I was wasting my time for so many hours with 4 different online chat advisor but they did not help me to resolve this issue. I wanted to make a formal complaint but they just completely ignored my request. It looks like a scam company.

Stolen parcel but no refund from Aliexpress
Stolen parcel but no refund from Aliexpress
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