Complaint: Unable to link activision to correct xbox account

on 06 February 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Hello guys ive moved from xbox to PC a week ago and have been trying to gain access to my activision account in order to link it to my xbox one then purhcase MW again in order to play the game on PC. But ive been unable to link my account as i have linked it 2 times it linked it to the incorrect accounts. I would sign in via microsoft and activision will link me to an account called (overcomerhino22) and my account is (eXe Gh0stie) so i have to unlink overcomerhino since it isnt mine. Ive done this 2 times now and am now unable to unlink again.

I also can no longer sign in via and i have requested a password over 10 times the past 48hours but never received an email from activision.

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Suggested solution:

I would like activision to allow me to reset my password for and unlink any xbox account allowing me to correctly sign into my xbox so that i have my progress, or you could refund me the game, cod points, battle passes, store blueprints.

Ive always followed the correct steps but bare this in mind:
xbox email:
cod email:

via i have managed to link my correct xbox one account but via the activision site it has linked me twice to an account that doesnt belong to me. I have switched to PC to start a career in streaming warzone but that dream is dying day by day and if i cant get access to my account i will forever hate activision and call of duty for sending me over to uplay for fortnite and ea for apex legends.

My activision modern warfare details:
activision id: eXe Gh0sT6710326

i can clarify and my identity in any way you feel is suffice.

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