Complaint: Cheaters cheaters and more cheaters

on 23 February 2022 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Every single game I try to play has cheaters. Obvious aimbot(never miss) obvious wallhacks(always go straight to you). Way way way too many new accounts for a game this old(Modern Warfare..cold war and warzone)..I have tried complaining before but all I ever get is a bit saying stuff like we are sorry and understand. Obviously you don’t. It’s fairly easy to spot a lot of these cheaters..Stop worrying about selling bundles and pick up a controller and see for yourselves.. every game of multiplayer on mw has at least 1 low level account (lower than 55). That is an astronomical number considering the age of the game. It’s the same on cold war .. vanguard and warzone.. pretty obvious they are new accounts either due to being banned or just having backup accounts if they actually get caught and banned

Suggested solution:

Pick up a controller and play the game for a couple of days..Things to look for. Low level players(very good aim for a beginner).. Basic calling card and emblem(too busy cheating and leveling guns to worrying about it)..Roze skins in new accounts (impossible since it was a skin from previous battle pass). Cold calling cards for weapons but they are low level (again impossible). Guns with camos from other dark matter in me guns). These are just a few things I personally see every game. Stop worrying about ricochet stopping damage or making a player invisible to cheaters. Perma-ban the cheaters..send their computer or console a virus. Sue the players and the cheat providers. Do something please

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