on 17 February 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

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My complaint:

ive been trying to get my activison account linked back up for over a week now, tried absolutely everything, watched youtube videos, forums, your website, and NOTHING is helpful, its impossible to contact you and get a non automated response from an actual living being, the live chat NEVER works, ive been onto that everyday and it is always offline, looking through the forums im not the only one with problems, there are thousands and thousands of people with issues, and quite frankly you dont give a fck, ive served in the armed forces for quite some time and travelled all over the world, now youll be thinking whys he telling us this, well ill cut to the chase, in ALL my time on this planet, and ALL the continents ive crossed, ALL countries ive stopped at, ALL companies ive come across, activision is by far the worst of them all, and i assure you i speak for many others too.

Suggested solution:

i want my account unlinking so that i can relink my old account, you need to get rid of crossplay because its so sht, if i wanted to play with pc players or xbox players id buy that platform, and as for cheating WOW, i have never seen something so corrupt, it is impossible to have fun on this game now, just sort my issue out.

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