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Complaint from Les_A23 reported on 13 November 2023 about ABTA

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My complaint:

ABTA believed TUI’s lies regarding out complaint and I want to know what hold TUI have over ABTA for them to do this. The evidence in support of my complaint was conclusive, but ABTA sided with TUI – why? Along will all other passengers, TUI did a 360 and boarded with assistance a passenger who had suffered a heart attack at approx 10.15am on Monday 25th September whilst in the terminal building at Aberdeen Airport after our flight had already been delayed 3hrs and 3 mins. This passenger was physically assisted up the steps at the rear of the aircraft in extreme distress as he was unable to stand unaided or see and was screaming in distress. TUI cancelled an inbound flight from Tenerife to Aberdeen on Sunday 24th September meaning there was no aircraft available to take us to Dalaman. An aircraft was sent from Belfast and arrived in Aberdeen at 0905 on Monday 25th September with a “technical issue” which required attention resulting in the 3hr and 3min delay before boarding was called. Some 15 mins before the passenger collapsed in the terminal building. He did. It take ill on the aircraft. For ABTA to agree with TUI is disgraceful and supports the total negligence of not only TUI, but the ground staff of Aberdeen Airport. I want to know how this can be highlighted and stopped as my Travel Insurance appointed solicitor has now sided with TUI, even after speaking to me and stating that TUI used the man as a scapegoat. This is not right.

Suggested solution:

When a full investigation has been undertaken as to why the likes of ABTA support TUI rather than the customers who wee affected by TUI’s actions.

Supporting TUI
Supporting TUI
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