Youtube complaint: Inability on their part to deal with issue raised by myself

on 23 September 2022 about Youtube in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

I am seeing adverts on their supposedly advert-free Premium membership.
I have tried to resolve it, however, their system is set up so that you always end up back at the beginning of your complaint procedure with nothing resolved.
In old fashioned terms, the customer is being given the runaround.
It’s designed, I assume, to ensure complaints don’t have to be acknowledged or dealt with and the customer gives up in frustration or becomes abusive, giving YouTube a legitimate reason to ignore the original issue.

Suggested solution:

I want my advert-free service, for which I pay them, plus a straightforward system that enables the viewer to have YouTube deal with issues, instead of fobbing them off.
If they cannot provide either, then they are guilty of fraud in the legal sense.

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