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on 02 July 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My most recent complaint was I had bought a phone for my wife paid $136.61 I contacted customer support telling them that I wasn’t going to wait three months like I’ve been waiting for months for other products that I still haven’t received that this shipped from the United States it was a cellphone they wrote back to me being spiteful telling me they cancelled my order and they refunded $118 now I want to know how the hell they come up with $118 when I paid 136 sixty-one and the order never processed so it’s a win-win for them and they’re out to to get the consumer anyway they can

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How they should have resolved it is not canceled my order because they did it out of spite after I repeatedly told them verbatim not to cancel my order and they did it you know why because they didn't want to deal with me but unfortunately that's the part of business that you have to deal with wish wish is pretty slick they hide the text that I send them so you can't screenshot anything I've also had previous items for to be exact that have never been delivered I've ordered them since the beginning of February I'm sorry the end of February and they still haven't arrived here and all they can offer me is will try to get it as soon as possible to you the unfortunate part is I don't have any proof but if you go into the messages that I have sent wish which is a lot of them you can clearly see that I did not ask them at any point to refund my money they did it out of spite and to add insult to injury they want to give me a partial refund of $118 instead of my 136.61 how can I justify that the order did not process so they say so they want to charge me $12 for shipping and the tax on an item that I didn't get all they have to do is just be honest which they find hard to do I paid 136.61 for a phone for my wife and I expect to get the phone from my wife I didn't cancel it again they did it out of spite just because they felt like it they have no proof because I never told them to cancel it so it's clearly on them they did it out of spite

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