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on 24 January 2021 about Wish in category Retail Company

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On Oct 12th. 2020, I placed an order for 5 items on Wish. They combined all but one items into one package. I have ordered from them in the past so I know that shipping and delivery can take some time. But I’m supposed to be able to track the order from the order history in my account. On Nov. 13th 2020, I attempted to track my order and there had been no tracking updates since the last of Oct. At that time I contacted Wish Customer Support and was immediately contacted with their customer support bot. I explained my issue and at that time the bot asked if I would like a refund. ‘Yes.’ Was my reply. At that point the bot asked How would I like that refund, in Wish Cash or on the original payment method? I opted for Wish Cash since I entended to place an order within the next couple of days. At that time the Wish Customer Support bot stated that it had issued me a full refund of $79. And that it will post in the Wish Cash section of my account within the next few minutes. I waited about 5 minutes and checked my account and the refund was posted. I thought my issue was resolved, until I tried to place an order a coupleof days later. At that time I had added some items to my cart and attempted to use the refund and it was no longer there. So I checked the debit card account I used to place the order to see if maybe they had changed and posted it there. It was not there either. I waited a few more days and checked the debit card account again as well as my Wish Cash account and the refund still was not in either account. So I reached out to Customer Support again sometime in Dec 2020. This time I went past the bot to leave a message with a live agent, to which I was told, would be in touch in 2 to 3 days. So I waited and waited and waited some more. No one replied. Then we had the holidays. I didn’t reach out again until Jan 1st 2021. On Jan 8th, an agent named Queen Dianne replied with the rehearsed statement about shipping delays due to weather,…ect. as well as telling me that The window has closed for requesting a refund. A request must be made with in 30 days of the estimated delivery date. Unfortunately she would not be able to issue me a refund. I rejected that reply because I made my first request on Nov 13th, the order was placed on Oct 12th. That is absolutely within the estimated delivery date. But they continued to stall at my every attempted contact, by requesting the same information over and over again. Each time I sent it to them as well as the screenshots of the proof. As of today, Jan 24th 2021, I am still getting the same response, Supply the order number. And It is past the window to request a refund. And once again I sent them the screenshots of everything, complete order details, tracking details, and the disappearing refund(the page that says I was issued a refund, and the page that shows no refund was posted.) I am ready for this nightmare to end. And I refuse to just forget about $79. It’s not like it’s $2 or $3.

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They need to refund the entire amount of the order that was never delivered. Nothing less, nothing more.

Customer SupportRefund
Customer SupportRefund
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