Complaint: Asking for a picture of my ID(DRIVERS LICENSE)

on 06 September 2020 about Wish in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

To make it short. I ordered items back in February of 2020. After months of not receiving said item’s I asked for a refund. Wish gave me a refund of the shipping cost and asked i wait for another month or longer before getting full refund to see if my item’s come. Each month before the date past I asked for refund got a new date to wait for. Finally this month I asked for a refund on one item they said I was past the 30 days but would give me a full refund. But I had to give them a code they wanted to send this code in a text to an old phone which I had changed and to my email. Let me stop here i receive emails to this account from wish no problem all the time , I receive text to my new number from wish sometimes twice a day sometimes almost everyday. Ok so I pick email to send the code it never comes. I resend code, never comes. So I go a different route and contact customer service and they want a picture of my ID (DRIVERS LICENSE) so I send it with everything blocked out but my name and address. They still ask for my ID. Mine you i am communicating with them on this email that they couldn’t get the code to go too. They don’t read the emails you send and I called a state representative office and was told DO NOT SEND A PICTURE OF MY ID. They have all my information and I bet I could go right now and buy something. This is shady and I have NEVER had this problem with AMAZON which I see the same stuff now on there as wish yes it may cost a little more but you have better customer service and you get you stuff and it’s better item’s, you can return no problem. I had been a Wish customer for a long time. NO MORE. Same as the rest of my family and friends. And everyone they tell and everyone they tell you get the picture. IT IS NOT LETTING ME SEND SCREEN SHOTS ON THIS BELOW???

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Suggested solution:

Stand by your company rules like you use too. And if your customer is nice enough to wait 6 or more months because they use to know you backed up your word. But now you are asking for proof when you have all their information of who they are and not giving them a way to show you pictures that they have been emailing or getting texts. Even communicating with you on the email you don't send the code too but keep ask for a picture ID. I even sent a picture of my ID but blacked out everything that was none of your business. And you still didn't act like you got it. IT IS NOT LETTING ME SEND SCREEN SHOTS ON THIS BELOW???

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