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on 23 February 2021 about in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I have been a frequent customer of Wayfair for the past couple of decades. I telephoned them to ask for the contact details of the manufacturer of a particular fabric, seen as a cushion cover, under the brand name of Bay Isle Home (which is trade marked to Wayfair), as I wish to know if the fabric is available in upholstery material. They refused point blank to provide this information. Given that Wayfair does not own the mill which manufactured the particular pattern; given that the material for the cushion cover (and, I believe, also the range has curtains and bedding) is not personally manufactured by Busy Elves sitting inside Wayfair’s offices – I can see no reason whatsoever why they refuse to give me a contact number so I can ask the manufacturers, whomsoever they be, if they make the fabric for upholstery. I told Wayfair that I am perfectly happy to order the fabric through them and pay them – god forbid I should go somewhere else and buy the fabric! – but that appears not to have moved them at all. After so many years of purchasing their goods, I find this sudden intransigence on their part inexcusable and untenable. Is Wayfair so desperate for a sale that guarding the name and contact of the actual manufacturer of the material such a State Secret that they fear being imprisoned in the Tower of London if they reveal it! The situation is beyond ridiculous! Their customer care has gone through the floor, as far as I am now concerned – and I am, frankly, disgusted at their couldn’t-care-less attitude. It would seem that concern, good will and an honest approach to customer service are words no longer in their lexicon!

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Very simple. One single telephone call or email to me, giving me the name of the manufacturer and a contact number, so I can ascertain whether the fabric is manufactured in an upholstery fabric or not. If not, end of problem. If yes, as I have said, I am perfectly happy to place the order through Wayfair.

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