Wawa complaint: What Happened to Your Quality Reputation?

Complaint from Xander reported on 08 November 2023 about Wawa

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My complaint:

This has to be the most ghetto Wawa I’ve ever visited. The staff stand around and joke and gossip about people without even acknowledging anyone waiting for service at the food counter. Had three people come to my car and ask me for money and even followed me in the store to keep asking for money. The traffic light was also poorly planned as it doesn’t allow traffic to enter or exit the plaza without having to stop in middle of road and wait for other cars to pass. Very disappointed with WaWa reputation and level of courtesy and professionalism at this location.

Suggested solution:

Have a regional manager make an unanounced visit or send a secret shopper from Corporate. This has to be the worst Wawa location in South Florida.

Staff needs customer service (customer acknowledgment?) training. Managers need to take accountability for their employees. Homeless population and beggers need to be disouraged from harrassing store patrons.

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