Walmart complaint: Subscription is a rip off

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My complaint:

I was happy to subscribe to be a Walmart Plus member, but every single order I’ve put in has been late, incomplete, left at the wrong place, or–most recently–delayed day after day then finally canceled. And yet my bank account still shows payment pending. So I have not received my order yet they’re still holding on to my money. This is criminal. The subscription is a terrible rip-off. The tips are ridiculous; if I place more than one order a month I’m actually losing money by subscribing. My most recent order, the worst situation after several bad ones, is order 2000100-66355424. I have a walmert literally just over a mile away from where I live. Why is this such a huge problem to get me my ordered goods? I have two auto compromised children which is why I prefer to order my goods instead of going into the store. I’m so disappointed and would like my subscription payment to be reimbursed. Also, my canceled order (canceled by Walmart after I waited for days for it) needs to be refunded immediately. This subscription service should be discontinued. Taking people’s money and then not following through…some of us really need to be able to depend on grocery delivery services.

Suggested solution:

Reimburse my order and reimburse my subscription payment. Immediately

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