Walmart complaint: Staff Negilent

on 04 September 2022 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On September 3, 22 l needed a weed eater went to Walmart. Lawn and Garden area to purchase the item (Weed Wacker). The worker had no knowledge of the products and being to get frustrated when asked for the manager. The stalling for assistance was horrible l asked several times for assistance with no luck. Another gentleman was there to make purchased l told him to go ahead he was waiting for the staff to finish up with me. Her debate not to called someone knowing she should have done so. I spent time there for nothing and decided to reach out to the manager upfront. Bad mistake five employee appeared to not know the manager in charge. This was unbelievable and l left the store as l was walking out. One staff requested for the manager when she saw how disappointed l was. As l passed many workers standing around the self-check-out doing nothing. Be polite when you see someone struggling open the bags up etc… l found it disturbing no help is available for the customers no matter what department. People should really make a big fuss over the quality of services. Without the buying there wouldn’t be any job to go. l left with no purchased. This is my complaint to avail this is why things aren’t being address.

Suggested solution:

l came to Walmart for a purchased and left empty hand. Do whatever you feel is right.

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