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First, I’d like to say I’m no longer a Walmart shopper. Walmart has proven itself, in my opinion, to be greedy and I stopped spending my money there when Savings Catcher was discontinued. My complaint stems from a purchase I made near the end of last year, and it has taken me until now to find the makers of Secret Treasures Sleepwear is actually another Walmart company.

I’m sure this matters not at all to Walmart corporation, but I’ve been on disability for a little over 10 years and have been a loyal Walmart shopper throughout that time. For someone like me, Walmart or Amazon were the only places to find affordable items, almost anything money could buy. It does take time however for me to save enough to buy even necessary items like sheets, bath towels and the like.

I saved for 4 months to get a set of sheets and a bathrobe. These are things that most people don’t need to plan and save for, but unfortunately that’s a luxury I just do not have, so I saved, and it was difficult. My disability income is very small, under $900 a month to pay everything, so it’s spent before I get it and in order to save I go without something else for a while. It’s my life and I’ve grown used to it, but when I save for 4 months for something simple, it means more to me maybe than the people that are able to make this purchase on a whim. So after 4 months I was so excited about my sheets, microfiber and very soft in comparison to what I was used to. The robe was wonderful, warm, soft and cuddly. Something I hadn’t had in a long time.

One week after this purchase I got the flu. I was miserable, but at least I had a warm, soft bed to crawl into. I took a shower, got into my robe and laid on the bed. I quickly fell asleep and woke about an hour and a half later. I got up, made some soup, then decided to go back to bed. After all this, imagine my disappointment when I realized that my robe had left little black pills of fuzzy, cuddly material behind, all over my new sheets. I was disappointed but I didn’t realize the extent of it at that point. I picked, and picked and picked some more trying to remove them, but it seemed that they multiplied. I used a lint brush, a sticky lint roller and just my fingers to try to get it off. I hung the robe on the back of my bedroom door and washed the sheets the next day.

I took the items back to Walmart, but was told because the sheets had been washed I couldn’t return them, the robe had been washed by itself when I got it so it wasn’t returnable either. Now, 6 months later, I still haven’t been able to get those pills off my sheets. They are no longer soft and comfortable, now they feel scratchy and uncomfortable. The pills refuse to be removed, but they don’t seem to have a problem moving about on the sheets. I still use them out of necessity, the robe however, it hasn’t left the hook on the back of my door since the day it’s return was refused.

What are my options then? I looked for information on the makers of secret treasures sleepwear, I thought they had to have a website with an email or phone number for customer service, but I was mistaken. I finally found information saying secret treasures is actually made by Walmart Apollo. I had originally hoped at least the cost of the robe may be recovered, since it ruined my sheets I no longer trust that nothing else might be ruined, so I don’t ever wear it. Maybe I could return it directly to them, but now, after so long looking to find someone to plead my case to, it seems too late for that. I’m stuck with scratchy sheets and a robe I don’t trust with any other soft surface in my home, making it unusable to me.

Now I’m just hoping to let others know what happened, possibly saving them the disappointment and hassle. My only option for replacing these items will be to again save for them, but I will be buying from Amazon this time. That way I know right away whom to speak to should I have a problem, and it has been my experience that Amazon takes returns much easier than Walmart does.

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I\'d love to have my sheets and robe returned for a refund or the sheets replaced. I wouldn\'t want another robe like this one, but the sheets are much more important as I do need to use them.

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Ruth Standish
Ruth Standish (@guest_2286)
1 year ago

Last week I bought a 6 pair pack of briefs. I bought them 2 sizes larger than I normally wear. After washing them by hand and hanging them to dry, they don’t fit. They are supposed to be for Full Figure but they are not. They roll down, and bind in the leg openings. I will never buy this brand again.

Sandy (@guest_2327)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ruth Standish

My underwear does the same thing now. They didn’t used to, but life happens, and it is what it is.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Janet (@guest_2440)
1 year ago

I’m disappointed that the Secret treasures bed jacket for women that was sold last year and the year before it’s no longer available! The one they have produce for 2020 sucks please bring back the old style!!! Please I’ve searched every store to try to buy another one I have bought one of those for everybody in my family and would like to buy myself a new one but not the one they put out this year I won’t be buying that bed jacket! Very disappointed secret treasures please bring back the bed jackets you made before they were the… Read more »

Brandon (@guest_2543)
10 months ago

Hey they sell these little machines that look kind of like a salt or pepper shaker on the front. It’s a chrome cover with quite a few little holes in the plate. Beneath the plate is a circular device with multiple blades attached to it. You simply run the little machine. Back and forth over the material and it cuts them off and stores them like a vacuum so you can get the original life back out of the sheets. I use mine on joggers, hats, sheets and anything else. Works miracles. Give it a shot. Far cheaper than buying… Read more »

Doreen Daniels
Doreen Daniels (@guest_2681)
9 months ago

I had purchased a 6 pkg of your secret Treasure brifes they are horrible the constally roll down feb 6 2021

Joan Woodburn
Joan Woodburn (@guest_2771)
9 months ago

Just read the complaint about a Secret Treasures robe leaving black fuzzy balls all over sheets. I have the same problem from 2 sets of Secret Treasures loungewear I bought at Walmart. One set is purple and the other green. Washed them with other clothes which had been washed many times so I know the black fuzzy balls are from this loungewear. It’s very wierd because looking at the loungewear, there is no black visible on either set of loungwear, yet they shed black fuzzy balls all over everything and there is no way to remove it other than pick… Read more »

Linda (@guest_3271)
6 months ago

Buy a battery lint remover. I have one and use it on my secret treasure gowns, my bras and other clothes. They are 10-20 dollars. I got mine at aldi 7.99

Lori Van
Lori Van (@guest_4230)
1 month ago

What IS the rule about returning items? Some stores have told me they DO want the item washed. I would NEVER wear an item from the store if it had not been washed first (assuming it did fit when I tried it on, just before taking a shower (EVEN outer wear!).

But does Walmart really want to handle an UNwashed item, considering COVID 19???
Or be in possible contact with OTHER communicable contamination?

It truly doesn’t make hygienic sense!