Walmart complaint: Secret treasure underwear

on 24 August 2022 about Walmart in category Retail Company, Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have now bought two different packs of the secret treasures underwear. They are two different styles. I actually really like them and how they fit. UNTIL, I wore and washed one time. Strings never stop coming out. They keep tearing and tearing. Every pair in both packs are doing the same thing. So no worries in me buying the secret treasures ever again. I looked for somewhere like a home office to make my complaint but seems the complaint goes to Walmart. Buy better quality items. Ppl like me will not continue to work hard and pay good money for things that tear up like this. And this isn’t the first thing I have bought from Walmart that tore apart. By any means. I just finally decided to say something. This was the straw. Do better. I have been shopping at Walmart for 30 years. And now I’m about to take my business elsewhere.

Suggested solution:

I would like them replaced by some decent underwear that doesn’t tear to pieces when I wear them.

Secret treasure underwear
Secret treasure underwear
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