Volunteers of America complaint: Wrongfully forced to leave project room key for false reasons

on 28 October 2022 about Volunteers of America in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

I was excepted at the Airtel van nuys project room key and they didn’t let me in one day and said I missed 3 days without coming in, I know this is not true because I lived there and kept a personal checkin sheet I filled out every time I checked in, they wouldn’t even let me see or talk to a worker, my roommate also was kicked out for the same reason and his reason was also untrue I asked around and they are doing this to a lot of us putting us back on the streets without giving us our voucher. This is not right it’s unfair and I don’t except this I go out of my way to follow the rules I don’t bother anybody I am no bother to anyone!
I am trying to get housed for reasons that are very important and urgent
my name is Sasha Sicho I would like tp apply for the emergency housing voucher program. I am homeless I live in Van nuys California I am a female who lives on the streets and constantly hiding from my ex-boyfriend who will not seem to let me go he somehow always finds me and is very abusive to me, on top of that I get hassled by men constantly I’m scared and lonely and I have mental issues for me horrific traumatic experience that happened 7 years ago with my family. I am now a grandmother to a beautiful little baby boy whom I love very much and would very much love if I can have a home he can come to visit me. Please I’ve tried everything shelters I’ve tried contacting so many people and programs even domestic violence programs to try to get away from my ex nothing helps please help me I am on gr and receive income and I was evaluated and put on meds for severe PTSD, anxiety and depression. I can’t work anymore. My phone 8185880890 and my email [email protected] I will appreciate anything. Project room key was wrong and I want to be compensated for this please help. Thank you


Suggested solution:

Relocate me for housing for my voucher

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