Volunteers of America complaint: A verbal conflict between two residents

Complaint from naenaebae98@gmail.com reported on 05 May 2023 about Volunteers of America

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My complaint:

I thought this was a reentry and rehabilitation center that help people find work and get reunited with their family case managers don’t completely explain paperwork they lose the residents worksheets and permission slips to leave and they make the resident later getting out instead of helping they choose size instead of thoroughly investigating someone took my belongings and said it was theirs and they wouldn’t run the cameras and help me find my things they said it wasn’t important but the same person that took my things said I took something from them they don’t listen to both sides of the story they jump to conclusions press charges to get me sent back to prison father away from my family for some headphones I didn’t take all because the person who took from me made a big deal saying I stole from them it’s a confusing place very poor communication and understanding the staff is rude disrespectful they talk to you like there shouldn’t be a mutual respect also instigating conflict and confusion and I also feel like it was racial discrimination because why isn’t he locked up or getting put out and they know for sure that he took from me first and turned everything all on me playing the victim role and treating me as a violent criminal and playing mind games with me knowing that I mental health problems

Suggested solution:

To give everyone equal treatment to hear all sides of the story better investigate more understanding and communication before making drastic choices that holds up someone's life it's not fair to the kids that are at home waiting on their father allowing more mental health treatment

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