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on 22 March 2022 about Vodafone in category Telecom

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My complaint:

It started getting unacceptible around Jan 24th, and since then all i have done is ask quite nicely why have i stopped receiving my internet connection. I have made a minimum of 37 calls to complain about the situation, when answered i was cut off .I have made 3 trips to Portimao to ask them please can you resume my WIFI . Yes of course leave it with us we can arrange that , but again false promises It works for a while then back to normal a pathetic signal. I should not or any other customer of yours should be putting up with this failure of Vodafones pretenses.
The problem starts at the begining when i first purchased your services,
I received the chip from Zero Um in Silves, he said put the chip in the your router and you are sorted for great viewing. yes it worked i was really pleased.

Suggested solution:

Well i received a text from Vodafone on Monday 21st , blaming me and not taking responsebility for the problem. The text i received is as follows.
Vodafone; All red Infinity plans are for individual and exclusive use of the end user on their smart phone and cannot be used on a mobile broad band or shared by hot spot. I am sorry to be ignorant on that , but i was just doing as i was instructed by VODAFONE I.T technician.
My reply was as followers.
Tell that to the Vodafone technician who sold it to me i did not know that i was doing any thing wrong. Why am i suffering because of a major mistake made by your incompetant staff. I have paid my subscriptions so why am i not receiving what i am paying for. ~
Just to let you know i have called Vodafones help line as i was typing this letter and it was impossible to get someone to answer the phone.
You know the answer, just replace the chip for the correct one, how difficult can it be .

P.S. do you know the amount of sporting pleasure i have missed due to their bad administration. I am absolutely apalled by the way Vodafone and the games and blame worthy ness is down to me.
Mr R.A. Brealey
A gentle reminder my telephone number is 934108110. And the phone number on the chip is 9212044953.. I believe the problem lies around that, but anyway i will leave that to the Vodafone EXPERTS to have a look at.
Yours in Anticipation
Mr R.A. Brealey

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