Complaint: unprofessional, rude

on 11 June 2022 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

We had order 473C9 delivered this evening. The driver’s name was Nessibe. My wife and I were standing at the open front door (the porch door was closed. Nessibe saw us but still put our order down on the path outside and started to walk away. I opened the door and said, ‘Don’t put the food on the ground. It will get cold.’ She responded in a very rude voice, ‘That’s what it said on my order.’ and kept walking away. She went back to her car to check her phone, then came back and said, ‘See? my order says leave it at the door. My last orders said that too . As she said this she had a very arrogant look on her face and tone of voice that suggested she thought we were idiots. I was a delivery driver myself for three years and have had many deliverys over the years. I have NEVER had such a rude, arrogant, disrespectful driver. She made me so angry I couldn’t enjoy my meal.

Suggested solution:

Discipline Nessibe. Put her on a customer service course. IF we use Uber Eats again, we will say NO NESSIBE, even if it means having to wait longer for our meal.

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