Complaint: Voided my Winnings of $10,000

on 23 September 2021 about True Blue Casino in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I won $10,000 on my account yesterday and I would like you to please have a look into it because they said all my winnings were void.

I have been a customer with true blue for years.
I’m devastated and I’ve explained the situation and every detail to the customer service workers on live chat. (Im sure you can view the chat sessions on my account)

Can I please request to have a contact phone number for Head office or someone who can help me, so I can chat to someone about this.
I just want to understand that I’m in the wrong here. I have read your terms and conditions twice and I believe that I won fair and square. Im honestly heartbroken to know that True Blue and Azure Hand is actually doing this sort of thing to loyal customers.

On 16092021 – I played my usual $30 Cashback Bonus and I ended up winning $700 all up, I contacted the live chat to that I had made the wageringplay through requirements and they ed I had. I asked what the max cash out was and they told me $100.
I then requested $100 withdrawal and the remaining $600 was still showing in my account.

I wasn’t too concerned about withdrawing the $100. I wanted to deposit and try my luck with my own funds and choice of deposit bonus. But the remaining funds wouldn’t disappear out of my account after the withdrawal request.
So I then tried to search my account on Azure hand to see if I could cancel the cashback bonus So I then tried to search my account on Azure hand to see if I could cancel the cashback bonus so the cashback bonus money and my winnings would cancel or void so that I could deposit my own money and play. There is no cancel button at all?
I then cancelled my $100 withdrawal request and I made another request of $700 (the total of the winnings from the cashback bonus) thinking that in 3-7 days that withdrawal request would of course be rejected and eventually disappear.
So that cleared the money out of my account and I could start my new deposit bonus.
I then applied the bonus LEGEND and deposited $30 via eZeeWallet. I made the wagering requirements while playing the legend bonus and I won a total of $10,000.
I checked with the live chat team member and they ed everything was in order on my account and I could withdraw, they noted that I could withdraw $2,500 max and they also said that I could do four withdrawal requests at $2,500 each. Which I then did.

Half a day later I went on Azure live chat to ask about time frames for withdrawal ation and they told me all my winnings would be void and lost. This is a horrible process and I don’t think it’s fair. True Blue can easily cancel the cashback bonus and all the winnings associated with that bonus. And let me withdraw the $10,000 that I won fair and square.
The live chat guy was speaking with me for about an hour and in the end he was adamant that I had to cancel my withdrawal requests and he then voided and cancelled the $10,000. He then said he would deposit the $30 and put the same LEGEND bonus on so I could ‘start fresh’ – obviously a scam and so I tried again. I begged and pleaded for them to hear my side of things.
I could already tell that as soon as I started playing with the new bonus that I would not win anything at all. And like clockwork I spun mostly on 0.25cent bets only going up to $2 max bets and I lost it all rapidly because that is how True Blue treats their loyal customers. I’m sorry, I don’t want to come across angry or rude. I am just mindblown. What a joke. Please help make this right.

My phone number is 0472 785 613
Please can you look into this further on my account.
I would like to speak with true blue before I send my written complaint to the ombudsman.

King Regards,

Jessica Lewis

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