Complaint: Account ban with no warning

on 14 June 2022 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I have been a loyal member of Tik Tok for the past few months now. I have been dedicated to my posting, followed the community guidelines and have been dedicated to my followers.

I have had the majority of my appeals overturned and put back onto my account page. I have had no formal warning regarding my videos in which a ban has been threatened.

Tik Tok have permanently banned my account without any warning and after appealing and contacting them regarding the reasons for an explanation, I am just ignored.

I understand there are a huge amount of creators on tik Tok but it does not justify no communication from them regarding the reasons for my account closure. I could possibly understand if I had the red account warning before my account closure, but there was no such warning.

I have earned over 1000 pounds that is still in my creator fund in which I have dedicating my own time and creativity. I had no account warning before the account was taken off.I was in fact still able to post until the shock of the account closure.

I think the way Tik Tok treat their creators is far from
Sympathetic and justified. I would like to complain about the way I have been treated and request the money I have earned out of my creator fund from Tik Tok, I do not think it is right that they get to keep the money that the creators have earned fairly.

I feel very let down and slightly bullied about the way I have been treated. I thought with Tik Tok being a fair and family orientated social media site, they would have more respect to the creators who earn it so much money and popularity.

This just does not seem to be the case unfortunately.

Suggested solution:

If my account is to remain deleted, I would like a justified reason why this has happened.

I would like the money I have earned up until the date of the ban to be made available to me.

Account ban with no warning
Account ban with no warning
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