Complaint: Store located in 9926 E. Adamo Dr. Tampa, FL 33619

on 15 October 2020 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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I scheduled a pick up and I had to wait about 10 days and call several times to find out the time that the furniture would be picked up. When the drivers arrived they already were in bad mud and had an attitude. I pointed the bedroom where the furniture were located: A bed, and a couch that initially bought from Salvation Army when I moved in to my apartment. One of the two drivers immediately stated that they were not going to do it because the door didn’t open and asked him just to push the door, the other driver did it and got into the bedroom right after that he said in a very rude way that they would only pick up which it was listed in the paper and I agreed and showed them the couch and the bed. They were complaining and said that they were not going to pick up the side of the bed because it has a little sticker which was the side of a bean. I replied that the side frame with drawers was part of the be and he said he won’t take it, again with a rude attitude. Then they took the frame and went to get the couch and stated that they couldn’t get the couch out and I replied if the couch could get in then can get out. They were so rude that I felt scare since I was at home by myself. One of them started yelling in the stairs to the other driver to bring everything back in the bedroom and throe it back in the bedroom blocking the door in the way that I was unable to close the door. I called the Store Manager and her answer was for me to take out the couch out of the bedroom to send different drivers another day.

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Better manager, better drivers. When I called the manager she was supposed to send another drivers instead to asked me to take the couch outside the bedroom. Those drivers need to be trained in customer service. They acted like they were getting just out of jail. I felt really scared with their attitude. The manager did not make feel any better with her indifference to the situation.

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