Complaint: Procedures not being followed properly by the manager Celia Garcia

on 24 July 2022 about The Salvation Army USA in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

I’m in a Rapid Rehousing program where they’re supposed to pay my rent until I am able to pay it on my own. I have been receiving a $600 late fee bill because the rent wasn’t paid on time. I met with Celia yesterday who told me that the late fee and the bill is my responsibility? I received a 3 day notice to Pay or Quit this $600 . Every month before this the Salvation Army has been late paying my rent and has paid the late rent with no complaints and now this month, on the 18th of the July I am looking at becoming homeless because she won’t pay the rent.
I am not even supposed to be working due to my psychiatrist writing a letter to her stating that due to my mental diagnosis of psychiso effective that I am not able to work and yet she’s forcing me to work and live at the Selina Apartments where I had no working toilet for 2 months, have no water for the last 2 days and that’s for all the residents. I also have no mail box at the apartment so we have to go to the post office to pick up the mail. Celia is forcing me into another 6 month lease regardless of the inhabitable conditions. Can you help me?

Suggested solution:

Please help to get me into another apartment and pay on time. She is forcing me to stay were I feel unsafe. Everything I tell her goes in one ear then out the other she is all over the place like she is doing some kind of drugs. I asked for list of apartments that work with the salvation army and she says that it is not that easy . Just do her job correct.

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