Telegram complaint: Korir Victor or @williamscyberzz

on 04 November 2022 about Telegram in category Social Media

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My complaint:

He has so many numbers and names -contacted him to fix my Instagram account that I was not able to receive verification codes. Also under [email protected]
@williamscyberzz (this was the username)

I gave him 50.00 and then an hour later he said small problem as need to bypass verification and it would be another 100.00 I became skeptical and offered 50.00 and then when proof it was done would give the other 50.00. he said it as 1 hour -after one hour he said almost done. Then his proof was ok congratulations got it to work will authorize once I am paid. We went back and forth one show me something to proof and he said that was unethical. My fear was now if he even did get into my account -no could hold my account hostage – after 15 minutes of back and forth I decided to pay him as I panicked thinking he has my account now and my information etc. He guaranteed that I would be satisfied. I sent the 50.00 now a total of 150.00 through Apple Pay and

Suggested solution:

I think he is probably under so many different usernames etc but I think he should be banned and flagged if certain criteria match up with new usernames. This was under down which got me to telegram. He has reviews that suggested he had helped people with the same problem. There has to be a way to connect him with other usernames etc that he has been able to use.

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