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on 23 January 2020 about Take A Load Off Moving in category Transport

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Pa ne bi greška nije fiumensi being with this company of humans and tell you the way you speak to me things quick enough taking £15 off me every month but they won’t do anything inside me I went to the Cashpoint machine the other day no 3 months ago and it didn’t give me no money like told them very only yesterday they paid me out for three-and-a-half minutes later people had a couple of frozen transactions on my account told him he’s not a lot we can do it by sort out yourself so pick it up myself it’s like told them about their got a fraud case they said sort of the cell becomes and he said I’m not allowed to make a complaint to take £15 off me every month don’t answer me tidy this is the second time now £15 in the last month this month and setting anyone can lay down I always gotta wait till 22nd and you plan will start again and it’s £15.99 and months but I won’t go back to my phone I can plan but he keep on problem you asked and apparently when I phone is no record of my phone call I got to get *** evidence they said his name emails about 300-400

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No way I don\'t want to do I\'m telling you what\'s going on and no mean they don\'t care they just take me to £15 everybody get out myself and not mean they won\'t do nothing when you give me no money is it all that\'s no problem what\'s a point to make a complaint to go get some evidence based they don\'t even know what\'s going phone so I didn\'t

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