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on 28 October 2019 about Take A Load Off Moving in category Transport

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My complaint:

I called TAKE A LOAD OFF MOVERS, in Nanaimo for a move on June 27, 2019. It went bad from almost the beginning. There were three young men, with one being the lead mover.
1. they did not have a company truck (but that didn’t bother me)

2 they were slow, and stopped for a cigarette after every trip from the house to the truck.

3. there conversation was always about drugs, doing drugs, drinking and where they would go for a quick drink at lunch.

4. after about one half hour of moving they broke the handle off my TV table tray. had me sign a paper saying they would get it repaird privately instead of going through the office.

5 Starting at 11:00 a.m. they were not loaded by 5:00 p.m. and told me they would have to come back for a second load. Even though there was space on the truck

6 When they finally got to my new home, they began to unload and then less then half way emptying the truck they told me they were going back to get the rest of my stuff ( garden furniture and some junky stuff.)

7 They left my new home at 6:30 p.m. and never returned until 12:30 a.m.

8 There was broken property; (most I fixed myself but was angry they broke the door off my office cupboard and wrapped the cupboard in clear plastic so I would not see it.)

9 There was chips in my tables, a scratch across my leather sofa arm, (still there) a gouge out of my wall where they put in my pull-out couch.

10 At the old house they left doors off hinges, broke handles off other doors, gouged walls as they removed furniture

I was unable to go back to have a walkthrough check because of the lateness and where I moved to.

I have received no complaints from new owner of my old home,

For the past four months I have been trying to communicate with the company and have spoken to them and they say they will get it sorted. They never return my calls
I sent a complaint form to them but no reply
I have contacted BBB in Victoria and all they can say is this is a A- to an A company and you will always get complaints with movers.

My realtor has contacted them several times as well as calling them at 11:00 p.m. on the moving day, night to find out where the truck, workers and my belongings were. They have not contacted he or even tried to solvle the situation.
My daughter has tried to contact them, but they do not reply to her

I sent two, maybe three emails as well as photos of some damage here but still nothing.

My tables never came back and I do miss them. They stole them and could have sold them on Face book, because there was four for sale about two weeks ago that looked like mine but, how can a person be sure.

I do not believe they are an A or A- company as they do not respond to complaints, so if no complaints online, there is nothing wrong,

I have never had problems with movers; I have moved right across Canada as well as different areas of provinces and NEVER complained before.
But this move was horriffic! Waiting in a new house, with only some of my belongings, not able to sit down, or rest, wondering if my stuff was stolen because they used a Budget truck instead of a company van, and it being hour since they left with my things. I am almost 80 years old, my husband had just past only months before and here I am being taken on.

Because I was down sizing, and one of the boys said he had no furniture, I gave him tables I didn’t need, lamps, and other stuff I can’t remember what.
One boy was diabetic and I had to rustle him up something to eat because he had no food. I was not nasty to them, but I should have been.

At first all I wanted was for them to come and repair the things that were damaged and to return my TV tables and stand, but now I want compensation!

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I want compensation for what they put me through; and I want my TV tables and stand replalced.

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