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on 09 October 2022 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered my food online just as I always do about 20 minutes before going to the store. The app popped up on my phone which said my order was received. When I arrived to pick up my food at the drive through, I was told they did not have an order for me. I showed them my phone and she said I am sorry, but we have no order for you. It even showed placed at the Moss Bluff store on 10062022 at approximately 11:15AM.

I drove to my office, but my phone never showed my order was ready. I checked my checking account and it had been debited for the $9.86 for the order at the time I placed it.

This was uncalled for. If there was a computer glitch, fine I understand that, but not to be so rude to a customer when the customer was right.

Gerard Guimbellot
[email protected]

I drove back to the Moss Bluff store and went inside and spoke with the same lady and she still didn’t have my order. I showed her a printout where the money had come out of my checking account and she walked back over to the register and said, oh your order just popped up. All of this in a matter of 30 minutes.

She said they are fixing your order now. When the other young lady brought my food to the counter she just threw it up on the counter and walked away. So very rude.

Suggested solution:

At least refund the meal or some type of comp at least for the fuel it cost to make two trips to Taco Bell.

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