Complaint: Bad hard shell taco’s

on 11 December 2020 about Taco Bell in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I bought 7 hard shell taco’s on 121020 around 4 p.m.. I do not eat taco’s but i bought them for my finance, He was at work and does not get home until midnight by the time we went to bed around 2 A.M ,he went to eat them And there was a really bad smell coming from them, He took One bite and had to throw it up, the taco shell’s were very bad like it was sitting around for 5 yrs, It was to late to go and take them back to taco bell, and we live 20 minutes from there, So i waited until 121120 the next day , When i went to complain and let them know about the taco’s, They refused to replace them and they refused to look at the taco’s or smell it. I know it only coast 7 dollars , but I feel that someone should have done something and the worst part of it is they said You should have called that night, And never said Sorry. They Said To me Our taco’s never spoil and there not going to do nothing for me. All they had to do is look and smell them and they refused to do it. They were very rude I might call osha and have them check this store out.

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All they had to do was be nice, and look and smell the taco's. And understand When i bought them it was not for me, and it was really late to call or go back at 2 in the morning. Or replace them with another batch, But The biggest thing is to say Sorry, They were VERY rude. I will never go back there again for any taco's. Customers Are always right, and people like that in this restaurant do not care.

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