Complaint: Defrauded of $6,800.00 by T2B

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My complaint:

I have just been defrauded by T2B of $5,800.00 by the very same methods used on others as complained here as I just got to discover this complaint platform. Last night after I told the support team that I just discovered that they have been defrauding people he got offended and asked me to send him my external BTC wallet that he well send me back the amount of my deposit and before I knew it he sent $1,500 to my block chain wallet that said to be clear by 6 channels but before I woke up this morning nothing was there in my blockchain wallet again, the $1,500 and everything in my blockchain wallet has been empty. Now I’m suspecting the blockchain too, that this guys are working with some officials of blockchain that give them access to their clients wallet to still their BTC, if not, then how will this criminal have access to my blockchain BTC wallet to clean my wallet? And this very complaint site I’m suspecting that complaint site is control by people from T2B because after receiving this numerous complains of T2B fraudulent activities why would they still allow such criminal website to still be on the internet operating? Is either they take off T2b website to safe others from been a victim or I will be forced to convinced that you guys are working together.

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T2b website should be Taken off

Message from Robin from

9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about T2bwallet-Converter

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